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May 1996

Fax fact

Iowa State received more than $32 million in income related to licensing activities during the past five years. The bulk of the money -- nearly $28 million -- came from an ISU patent for a process used in nearly all modern fax machines.

The university earned $11.2 million in fiscal year 1993 and $9.1 million in 1994 from the fax patent. Fax royalties dropped to $200,000 in 1995 due to patent expiration.

The royalties came from fax machine manufacturers to settle Iowa State claims that the companies infringed on an ISU Research Foundation-owned patent. The patent is for a process developed by former ISU doctoral student David Nicholas that speeds the conversion of text into digital information for transmission over telephone lines.

According to the latest report from the Association of University Technology Managers, in fiscal year 1994 Iowa State placed sixth among 114 universities and university systems listing royalty income.

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